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customer-centric legal work

We wish to revolutionize the legal sector and drive the shift towards a still content-driven but more pragmatic, agile and customer-centric approach. In short, GOlegal puts the best legal department at your fingertips, outsourced. 

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Who? A team of experienced multi-skilled legal experts at your service

Our team is composed of more than 100 lawyers, 50% of partners, all with an average of 10 years of experience. All legal fields are represented as well as many languages. Our multi-skill squad, supported with a strong IT backbone, can serve all of your legal needs.

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What? A resilient and scalable technology-enabled legal power

We designed GOlegal to solve the pains plaguing our industry. With us, you get a legal service with fixed prices, no missed deadlines and pragmatic outputs. Our business model innovation makes GOlegal the only legal power you'll ever need.

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Why? We want to bring the legal industry to the 21st century

GOlegal is reinventing the way to do legal work. By bypassing old mistakes in purchasing and operating legal services, we create new more efficient ways to deliver services everyday. To do so, we use 21st century tools, and create a technology-enabled legal service.

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How? We work with you to deliver the best fitted, most efficient legal solution

Our innovative approach puts your satisfaction as our main KPI. GOlegal guarantees to deliver transparent and predictable legal services; and to share its operational expertise. This way, we increase your own legal operations' excellence.


With customer-centricity as an integral value, we adapt our model to your needs.

We work in your offices or remotely, for one or multiple missions.


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Legal experts

Let us solve your legal pains

No more missed deadlines

Solving client challenges requires more than a one-way interaction and delivery of theoretical generic knowledge. It necessitates to iterate to “translate” the theory into concrete actions tailor-made to the specific context of the client. We plan all of this from the befining, to ensure timing remains fixed and your expectations are met.

A pragmatic approach

Legal advice is often too theoretical, generic and in essence difficult to translate into concrete actions. GOlegal turns legal work into easy to understand actionable steps.

Always on budget

GOlegal foregoes the traditional use of hour-based pricing structure. Instead, we provide an innovative pricing system to protect our clients from inadequate scoping issues and unpredicatbility. 

A profile adapted to your needs

The diversity of expertises and level of experiences in the legal sector makes it hard to find and then choose the right profile(s) for a specific assignment. GOlegal relies on a network of 100+ legal experts, all with multiple skills. This way, we find the perfect fit for your legal needs.

Who we work with

Legal teams

We help legal counsels and their teams on various aspects. From identifying opportunities for efficiency gain, to providing a needed additional expertise on specific subjects. As legal tech specialists, we also set up and maintain a digital back-office similar to ours.


SME’s having no or a limited set of legal profiles internally can rely on GOlegal to outsource their legal duties on a punctual or recurrent basis.


Business managers

Most of our assignments go further than pure legal or compliance challenges. There are often other business dimensions impacted. As such, we work with many different business lines: management, IT, Finance, HR and marketing.


Compliance teams

From a risk-based perspective, we can assist in setting-up an efficient compliance governance framework tailored to the organization. We also provide the needed expertise or additional capacity you may need.

Our approach


Needs scoping

Following your initial briefing, we challenge you in order to grasp all the necessary inputs: objectives, desired outcomes, but also constraints & potential pain points.


Approach & team setup

We decompose the underlying challenge in smaller and coherent bits. For each of them, we select one or multiple legal expert(s) based on their expertise.


Client validation

The approach and associated fixed budget is presented to you for validation. It is only after this step that the execution is launched.


Project coordination

GOlegal acts as the project leader. Aware of the constraints of all parties involved, we coordinate experts to remain within the agreed scope, timing and budget.


Delivery & feedback

We provide from our initial reflection to final output, to closely match your expectations. We close the loop by fuelling internal processes with clients’ feedback.

Innovative Pricing + Demonstrable Discounts = Value Points Offer 

Revolution must touch all parts of the legal industry, including its pricing. At GOlegal, we allocate each service a number of points, for which you are billed. You can of course hire us for one specific service, but we also offer several point packages with attractive fidelity premiums.

1. Your needs, your choice
  • You hire us for a specific mission, or choose one of our exclusive point packages for regular clients
  • The bigger the package, the bigger the fidelity premium
  • You use your points to hire GOlegal services over the course of up to one year
3. A single invoice
  • One single invoice for all points spent and services delivered
  • Points are valid during a one-year period
  • The validity period of 25% (max) of initially purchased points can be extended if not yet consumed and another package is bought before initial validity period end date.
2. The best legal department at your fingertips
  • You consume your points or request a service from GOlegal, whenever, wherever. 
  • Every one of our interventions is rated in “point” values.
  • Based on the chosen delegation level, the execution is either immediately started or an offer validation is requested beforehand.
4. Monthly follow-up
  • Every month you receive a status report on your “point“ consumption with a breakdown by intervention

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